Bear Claw Organics

Bear Claw Organics is a company located in SW Washington on the Willapa Bay.  It is focused on working with boutique producers of local, sustainable and healthy proteins to its customers across the US.  

The Willapa Bay is the cleanest bay in the continental United States.  20% of the oysters grown in the US come from the Willapa Bay.  Located 5 miles north of the mouth of the Columbia River it is surrounded by some of the largest and most sustainable fishing grounds in the US.  Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Dungeness Crab, cold water shrimp, oysters, clams and many other wild, sustainable proteins exist here.  The local ports are filled with commercial fishing boats.

Wild mushrooms abound and are available for most of the year.  Chanterelle and Lobster Mushrooms are the most common.  We often list them when we have them.  We work with numerous foragers for local products that are "truly organic".  

Our goal is to bring the flavors of rural, coastal  Washington to your kitchen wherever you live.



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