Bear Claw Organics Crawfish Trap Made and Designed in The USA by Professional Crayfisherman

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This trap was designed and is built by a team that has worked for decades in the Pacific Northwest as commercial fisherman.

It is the result of more than 20 years of crawfishing on both the Columbia River and its tributaries (one of the largest commercial crawfishing areas in the US).

The triangular design ensures that it sits on the bottom and does not move around.

Often the square and round traps will move around in a current or tide.

This design does not.

Not moving around makes it easier for the crawfish to climb in.

Easier entry for them has increased the designers fishing yeilds by more than 50% over the traditional designs.

The product is made here in the US by the fisherman that designed it.

Each one is personally checked by them after it is built.

They are identical to the ones they use on their boats.

This means they are far more durable than the normal sportfishing traps.

These are built for a high volume use...every day, for 6 months of every year.

These pots are American made, to a better design.

They will last longer and catch more crawfish than any other design.

  • Built to Work: designed and built by professional crawfisherman. They same kind they use.
  • Built to Last: made from quality parts and designed to stand up the the rigors of professional fisherman
  • Easy to Use: Middle hinging makes it the easiest trap to work with and get the crawfish out when caught
  • Works with any current/tide: many traps roll around on the bottom. This is designed to sit flat and stay put in a current or tide
  • Easy to stack/store: the triangular design means that are easy to stack and store



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