Gift Gourmet USA Smoked Oysters 4 cans: BBQ, Teryaki, Lemon, Habanero

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Gourmet Smoked Oyster Gift Set from Bear Claw Organics

These oysters are grown, harvested, smoked and canned by Ekone in their Bay Center facility. There are no machines everything is done by hand, from the harvesting to the shuking to the smoking. All natural, and in most cases organic products are used to flavor the oysters. There are no preservatives or added chemicals. They are grown, smoked and canned in a way that is healthy and pure. Ekone oysters are are larger and more flavorful than the commodity, grocery store brands grown in China. They make an elegant and unique addition to any snack, meal, party or event. Ekone Smoked Oysters from the Willapa Bay are a local, gourmet, healthy, and sustainable choice.



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